Artist Justin Wood - Art Hotel Video Screenshot

Screen Shot : Video documentation of Justin Wood’s work at Art Hotel Sacramento in Feb 2016

room 304 – proto extant

de-install process piece

Installation consisting of a built out false wall constructed of chicken wire, plastic and newsprint to augment my room (304) and project upon. The projection is a series of pieces that play with peeling shells and hidden voids collected via photogrammetry (3d scanning) and presented within a game engine. Included are scans of room 304's living room and kitchen spaces.

As the last part of this project, and after Art Hotel had closed to the public, the wall itself is carved up to the soundtrack of construction on the Arena next door.

The Art Hotel project was initiated by M5Arts -- a group of artists in Sacramento, with the goal of turning a slighted apartment building scheduled with demolition, into a temporary art nexus.

Over 100 artists, poets, writers, historians and even skateboarders were invited to transform each room into their work. Some took at minimalist approach, mounting framed works to the spare walls, while others adorned the exterior five floor facade with murals, or cut holes though the building ala Matta-Clark.

There was a diverse treatment in how artists engaged in dialogue with the previous occupants of the building. Constructed sometime in the late 1920's, the building opened as Frank's Apartments and has been home to thousands of distinct voices. In later years, it served mostly as very low-income housing, and some tenants lived in unfortunate squalor, while others restored their apartments to their former glamour.

“Even though it’s temporary, it’s permanently temporary,” - Dr. Seamus Coutts, M5Arts