portrait of Luke Elliott Sommer

"I remembered his eyes" - Bank Teller

"On August 7, 2006, four men brandishing weapons rob the Bank of America branch in South Tacoma of $54,011. An alert bystander sees the bandits exit from an automobile wearing balaclavas and carrying handguns and assault rifles, then return three minutes later with duffel bags, jump back into the vehicle, and speed away. Believing it to be a bank heist, the witness copies down the license plate and gives it to the Tacoma police. The following morning, FBI agents will find the getaway car parked inside a fenced compound at Fort Lewis, and will quickly identify the soldiers involved in the bank robbery. The agents will serve a search warrant on the suspects' quarters and recover weapons, clothing, and $21,000 in cash. Five soldiers and two Canadian citizens will be charged with involvement in the crime. All will eventually plead guilty and be sent to federal prison. The robbery is one of the most audacious and dangerous bank heists ever committed in Washington state."

client : seattle metropolitan magazine
direction : benjamin purvis
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