CD Packaging Poster; collaboration with Gino Woo and +cruz

2004 collaboration with +cruz [Eric Cruz] and Gino Woo, Jose Caballer’s the GROOP, Ocean Monsters, Ryan Alexander and many other talented folks.
Uppercut is a Japanese DJ who fuses electronic hip hop against a american wild west landscape. It was apparent that a robot cowboy DJ should face off against a mischievous ninja using beats as his weapon of choice.
The DJ Uppercut project was a multi-product adventure that included CD and DVD Packaging, DVD Menus, and 2 Music Videos which came from a teaser video we also created.

DVD Menu Screen

DJ Uppercut Mini Poster


DJ Uppercut Ninja Mini-Poster


Packaging overview from +cruz: “DJ Uppercut is an electronic one man band, fusing Japanese and country western. The “toy-in-a-box” package is inspired by the famous Japanese pretzel brand Pocky and its American counterpart, Cracker Jack, complete with perforated pockets that contain literal pieces of DJ Uppercut. The pieces assemble into a three dimensional diorama, a futuristic, cheap sci-fi western stage set where the 3D Uppercut cut-out battles through his many adventures using music as his weapon.”


Pepakura (paper folding) version in acetate for w+k Toyko art exhibit. Fitted with Electroluminescent paper for internal lighting.


client : w+k tokyolab
direction : +cruz, john jay
size : various
medium : various