Cemetery Sun performs at the Crocker Art Museum on December 28, 2018

Sound responsive new media work was performed during a 1.5 hour (Two 45-minute sets) live performance by Sacramento band, Cemetery Sun. The piece was digitally projected above the band in the Crocker Museum Teel Auditorium as part of the Crocker’s Audio Muse programming.

Conceptually, a simple scene walking backward through a graveyard where the lighting, animation of figures, and swaying of trees responds to the loudness of the live music. Animated horses evoke Mr. Crocker and Mr. Stanford’s competitive bet about racehorse locomotion that led to Eadweard Muybridge’s groundbreaking photography work on the subject.

  • 3D scanning via photogrammetry – assets :
    • Foliage, grave markers and plots from Fair Oaks and Folsom Cemeteries
    • Burned out mobile home from Wayside Lane in Carmichael
    • The Crocker Mansion and grounds, adjacent to where the performance would be taking place