the moritz thomsen house before and after photographs

First site visit April 5, 2015; after several years on and off of searching1  

A road runs through it. No debris of any kind to be found, save a power pole and a bullet-punctured junction box nailed to an oak; its wires snipped.

Local historian and aquaintance of Moritz, Frances Leninger, and Josie Smith discover a debris field located about 300 feet Northeast of the original Thomsen homesite. The remains of the stonework and massive concrete foundation had been pushed across this great distance to rest in formidable heap.

Nine months later, I visited the debris site looking for artifacts, and found the debris themselves had disappeared — a vast earthen void where they used to be. The extraction so clean and thorough, that nothing recognizable remained. Not a nail, not a field stone, nor a sizable chunk of concrete — nothing but someone else’s memory.

1. Special thanks to investigators and researchers in crime : Zann Gates, Josie Smith and Laura Wood


Cenotaph : As part of my MFA thesis exhibition in 2016 as installed in the Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery.

Cenotaph / Moritz Thomsen House, Mario Corbett, Architect. Vina, California (1952 – 2010) Concrete, sand, stone, steel 84” x 36” x 42” 2016